08 August 2011

Now that's a scare campaign!

Highlighting the cost of the carbon tax isn't a scare campaign. 

An ABC documentary portents a global warming meltdown that will return the world to Jurassic park; Professor Robert Manne pontificates that our step into the fossil fuel age was “the most fatal misstep in the history of humankind”; Professor Clive Hamilton intones a “requiem for [our] species”; Commissioner Tim Flannery crusades to save “life on the planet”; Minister Tanya Plibersek warns that we are “losing the Great Barrier Reef, losing Kakadu National Park, losing the ability to feed ourselves”; Senator Lee Rhiannon preaches that  man made global warming is “the greatest threat we face in human history” (Greens praise newcastle anti-coal direct action) Author James Lovelock sermonizes that man made global warming will kill ten billion people this century - now that’s a scare campaign! And yet even in Lovelock’s apoplectic Book of Revelations more people are left on the planet than it could sustain before the “big polluters” made our “most fatal misstep”.

PS: Ridiculous things may be heard on the skeptic side of the debate too - when amateurs sound off. But on the warmist side it's national broadcasters, professors, ministers of the crown, senators and authors who sound off with the most unfounded, irrational, fallacious, irresponsible, preposterous, hysterical alarmism imaginable.