18 December 2014

Useful Idiot Balancing Act

In response to this Theconversation contribution


I commented as follows:-

Is this the WORST-timed BAD-taste JOKE in the "don't mention the war" genre of all time?

Or have the PC police so completely erased reality from the academic "mind" that rampaging elephants can pass them by unnoticed?

On the occasion of a MUSLIM (don't censor) immigrant claiming to be an ISLAMIC (don't) cleric, who equates Australian soldiers with Nazis if they fight any muslims, and who flies islamic flags; and on a day when muslim terrorists murder 132 children, the latest in a pattern of islamic terrorist acts since 1970, Aly chooses to parse her way around the elephants and go for "balance". She "balances" the necessity to use the word islamic twice by finding occasion to use "white supremacist" twice, and the necessity to post a photo of the Australian islamic killer of the week (in a benign pose Australian flags and all) with a photo of a Norwegian anti-muslim killer of 2012. And, lest we jump to racist conclusions she qualifies any suggestion that the I or M words should in any way be linked with the terrorist (if you'll excuse the expression) acts that have occurred all around the world since 1970, to stress that "adopted causes" are never the "singular cause" but "complex and varied".

Hang on a minute! Maybe this is not a case of Politically Correct Parallel Universe or Academic Postmodern Lobotomisation. Is this a cunning bid for a grant to study to the complex and varied causes of the islamophobic superstition that terrorism in the name of islam might have something to do with islam?

My comment was posted on Wednesday, but by the following morning it had been removed.