21 September 2011

Counting the cost down the garden “pathway to a clean energy future”

The Australian Government made its best sales pitch for its “carbon price package” when it distributed the "pathway" booklet to every Australian household. …The more that is understood about the pathway to that deceptively named “clean energy future”, however, the more negative the public’s reaction will be. The government knows this; that’s why it covers the pathway with such a prolific overgrowth of propaganda. But let us try to find our way through the undergrowth and discover where the pathway leads and what it will cost our lucky country…. read more here

By 2050 we will have purchased over 9,300Mt of carbon credits at a cost of more than $750 billion….This is a lot of money - if we could have put a million dollars in a piggybank every day from the day Jesus was born until today we would not have accumulated that much. No Australian receives anything in exchange for this $750,000,000,000, except permission to emit CO2 into the atmosphere….

The USSR used to predict strong growth and prosperity according to five year plans; plans that depended on no economic forces beyond its absolute control – except for the weather. The Australian government predicts strong growth and prosperity according to a thirty-nine year plan; a plan that depends on the economic forces of the whole world, which it has no control over whatsoever - the purpose of the plan being control of the weather. The Soviets were not smart enough to make their plans work. But our government is smart enough to make its plan work for our future and for the world’s weather? …

The carbon price package will not drain CO2 and bad weather from the sky, but it will drain productivity and prosperity from the earth; it will jam a faucet into the economy and siphon an accelerating flow of funds - half to be poured down the long drop at the bottom of Bob and Julia’s garden, the other half to be channeled to where they and their political progeny direct it….

How could a couple of self justifying social planners in search of a nobel cause on the anointed sides of history to attest to their moral superiority and vision resist?
Carbon pathway to disaster, by John Dawson